Sunday September 28, 2014

Here’s what we have on for this week:

Elementary Classes will be continuing to study The Lord’s Prayer rotation. Grades 1-2 will be in Bible Games. Kindergarten will be in Art. Grades 5-6 will be in Cooking. Grades 3-4 will be in Science.

Youth Class will be cooking this Sunday. We have selected some recipes to submit to Karla’s cookbook and we will be testing them over the next few weeks.

Reminder that the Sunday school will NOT be going to the Upper room this Sunday. We are scheduled at the Upper room for October 5th but that is also subject to change as Bernie is not available on that date. The Upper room visit is for those who are age 12 and up and Bernie and I will be meeting at the church at 8.30 on the morning of our visit so anyone needing a ride into Charlottetown can meet us there as well.