Camp Abby Weekend!!! Sunday June 5-7

This weekend is our annual Camp Abby weekend! I hope everyone is able to come out for some amount of time if not for the whole thing.
A few notes:
1) We will not be having supper at the camp on Friday night. Arrival is anytime after 6pm.
2) We will be tie dying t-shirts. Please bring a white t-shirt to dye. If you have extras please bring those as well incase anyone forgets.
3) There is a potluck after Sunday service so please bring something to share as well as a snack for the weekend.
4) Camp Abby is doing outdoor cooking this summer so they are looking for donations for that such as tin foil and empty ketchup or tuna cans.
5) Please let me know if you would like a bed inside so I can reserve those in advance.
I’m so excited for this weekend and I hope to see everyone there. As always everyone is welcome including friends!