Sunday School Update


Just a few notes about Sunday School in the upcoming weeks.

This Sunday we will be continuing with the theme “The Lord is my Shepherd”.

Next Sunday (Oct 25th), we will be heading to Rosewood Residence. Everyone is encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes and to bring some treats to share with the residents! More details to follow!

The Fall Roast Beef Supper is being held at the church on Saturday, October 24th. They are looking for some volunteers. If any kids are interested (parents too!) please get in touch with Cecil Frizzell (902-566-2337) or talk with him at church this Sunday.

Also at the roast beef supper the Sunday School will have a small table selling candy kebabs (made by the “Good Deeds” class in Sunday School) to raise money for Jim & Cathy Parson’s initiative to buy books for children in need. If any kid would be interested in looking after the table for part of the evening, please let us know!