Special Guest Speaker this Sunday

Hello everyone,

This Sunday we have invited a special guest to come and speak to our Sunday School students.

His name is Anser Ullah. He is from Bangladesh and is a student at UPEI. Anser is also a Muslim.

With new immigrants coming to our Province, including refugees from Syria, we believe that it is important to provide opportunities for children to learn about other cultures and religions. We are seeing people from different cultures come to live right here in our community and feel the children should have an understanding and appreciation for various cultures. Furthermore, we, as a church, are sponsoring a Syrian family who will be arriving in the next couple of weeks.

Anser will talk to the kids about the Muslim faith and his culture. I met with him this morning and he was telling me how welcoming PEI has been to him. He has integrated very well into the community and is very excited to give back to the community by sharing his story.

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

Kind regards,