Sunday School Update


Just a few notes about Sunday School in the upcoming weeks.

This Sunday we will be continuing with the theme “The Lord is my Shepherd”.

Next Sunday (Oct 25th), we will be heading to Rosewood Residence. Everyone is encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes and to bring some treats to share with the residents! More details to follow!

The Fall Roast Beef Supper is being held at the church on Saturday, October 24th. They are looking for some volunteers. If any kids are interested (parents too!) please get in touch with Cecil Frizzell (902-566-2337) or talk with him at church this Sunday.

Also at the roast beef supper the Sunday School will have a small table selling candy kebabs (made by the “Good Deeds” class in Sunday School) to raise money for Jim & Cathy Parson’s initiative to buy books for children in need. If any kid would be interested in looking after the table for part of the evening, please let us know!



Sunday School Oct. 4th

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great week!

This week we will be continuing with the theme “The Lord is My Shepherd”. The schedule is:

Grades 7 and up — cooking
Grades 3 and 4 — drama/music/science
Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2– art

Grades 5 and 6– community service/good deeds– please wear clothes appropriate for being outside and maybe get a little dirty!

Last week the Grades 7 and up class had a great time serving a meal at the Upper Room in Charlottetown. They served BBQ hamburgers and corn-on-the-cob to approximately 80 people!

Hope to see you all on Sunday!


Sunday, September 27th

Hi everyone,
Hope you all had a great week!  This week at Sunday School:

Grades 7 and up— serving a meal at the Upper Room in Charlottetown. Would love as many of you as possible to be there to help out! Parents are welcome to join too! Please contact Bernie or myself if you have any questions! I think Bernie is planning to be in there around 8am.

Everyone else will be starting our first theme of the year, The Lord is my Shepherd!

  • Cooking Rotation– Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2
  • Art– Grades 3 and 4
  • Music, Drama, Science — Grades 5 and 6

Looking forward to seeing you all Sunday morning!

Terry Fox Run with Sunday School

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that this week we will be participating in the Terry Fox Run walk during our Sunday School time.
We will start off by hearing a little about Terry Fox’s story and then we will all head over to the trail for a walk. Please dress for the weather and for a walk!
We will also be contributing the Sunday School collection to the cause, so please bring a small donation if you wish!

It was great seeing everyone back last Sunday! We had a great morning of games, corn and fun!

If anyone is interested in helping out with teaching Sunday School, please let us know! We would love your help!

If you have any questions or ideas, please get in touch with myself or Grace or Bernie.


Exciting Year of Sunday School Ahead!

Hello everyone,

We are getting ready for another exciting year of Sunday School! Welcome back to familiar faces and we are also excited to meet some new ones!

We will start the year off this Sunday (September 13th) with fun games and a corn boil! We hope to be outdoors for the games so please dress appropriate for the weather!

The following week (September 20th) we will be participating in a Terry Fox walk on the trail. Once again, please dress appropriate for the weather and for walking!

On September 27th, those over the age of 12 years will be serving a meal at the Upper Room in Charlottetown. More details will follow regarding that!

This year we will continue doing our Sunday School classes in a rotational style. We have added in a new component to the rotation though which we are very excited about– Community Service/Good Deeds!

We are sad to say that Jennifer will not be involved in Sunday School this year as she is moving off island. We definitely appreciate all of her guidance and help she has offered to the program over the past few years.

Also, if anyone is interested in teaching a Sunday School class or helping with a Sunday School class, please let us know! We would love some extra hands!

If you have any questions, comments or ideas about Sunday School, please get in touch with:
Debbie Smith
Grace McCourt
Kimberley Taweel
Bernie Dykerman

Thanks and hope to see you all this Sunday!!



A great thing has happened – the Sunday School is so large that we are running out of space!! 🙂

Your Input Is Needed!

  • WHAT: Vote by secret ballot on if to proceed with the proposal to build on a new $100,000 addition.
  • WHERE: Central Queens United Church, Hunter River

So… what is being done about this? Well co-superintendents Jennifer Carver and Bernie Dykerman have handed off this “problem” to the committee of Cecil Frizzell and Elizabeth Orr (recently joined by Brad Trivers), and a proposal has been prepared!

Essentially the proposal is to add on 4 rooms behind the North wall of the church (i.e. behind the stage):

  • a large classroom that will also serve as a choir room and provide access to the back of the stage
  • two smaller classrooms
  • a washroom

The cost is estimated to be $100,000. The project would start in winter/spring of 2013 for completion by fall 2013.

In order to gain approval to proceed about half of the cost- $50,000 – would have to be pledged in extra donations over the next three years. This means that enough people have to commit to giving extra money to this project as a lump sum or in regular donations (monthly, quarterly, yearly) to raise $50,000 by 2016.

Please come to the meeting or provide your input by email (, phone (940-2044), etc.

Thank you!

Halloween 2012 at Rosewood - CQUC