A great thing has happened – the Sunday School is so large that we are running out of space!! ūüôā

Your Input Is Needed!

  • WHAT: Vote by secret ballot on if to proceed with the proposal to build on a new $100,000 addition.
  • WHERE: Central Queens United Church, Hunter River

So… what is being done about this? Well co-superintendents Jennifer Carver and Bernie Dykerman have handed off this “problem” to the committee of Cecil Frizzell and Elizabeth Orr (recently joined by Brad Trivers), and a proposal has been prepared!

Essentially the proposal is to add on 4 rooms behind the North wall of the church (i.e. behind the stage):

  • a large classroom that will also serve as a choir room and provide access to the back of the stage
  • two smaller classrooms
  • a washroom

The cost is estimated to be $100,000. The project would start in winter/spring of 2013 for completion by fall 2013.

In order to gain approval to proceed about half of the cost- $50,000 – would have to be pledged in extra donations over the next three years. This means that enough people have to commit to giving extra money to this project as a lump sum or in regular donations (monthly, quarterly, yearly) to raise $50,000 by 2016.

Please come to the meeting or provide your input by email (, phone (940-2044), etc.

Thank you!

Halloween 2012 at Rosewood - CQUC

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for… 2012 Sunday School Schedule!

Mark your calendars;

September 16 – Terry Fox Walk
September 23 РMary and Martha Lesson/Re-covenanting  Service/Anniversary Service
* Sunday school singing during service
September 30 – Upper Room visit
October 7 – Mary and Martha Lesson
October 14 – Mary and Martha Lesson
October 21 – Mary and Martha Lesson
* Sunday school singing during service
October 28 – Halloween at Rosewood
November 4 – Big Group Activity
November 11 –¬†Remembrance¬†Day Activities
November 18 РWhite Gift Preparation
* Sunday school singing during service
November 25 – White Gift Preparation
December 2 – White Gift Preparation
December 9 – White Gift Service
* White Gift Preparation in the morning and service in the evening.
December 16 – Advent and Christmas Lesson
December 23 – Advent and Christmas Lesson
December 30 – Christmas Video

Hope to see you all there!

May I have your attention, please!

We will begin our new year of Sunday School on Sunday, September 9th!

I had the pleasure of seeing some of you over the summer and I am so excited to see everyone again, soon! I hope you all had a wonderful summer and I would just like to take this opportunity to say…

Welcome back, everyone!


Origami Artist in our Midst

Follow the link below for a glimpse of origami expertise!

This intricate origami dragon was fashioned out of hundreds of tiny paper squares by the one and only Tim Waite!

Good job, Tim, and congratulations! ¬†I can’t wait to see the next one.


Upper Room – June 24, 2012 @ 9:00am – Charlottetown

Due to the unfortunate arrival of a snow storm on the morning of our last Upper Room visit, many people were unable to visit the Upper Room this winter.  Bernie pulled a few strings, made a few phone calls and we have great news!

The Sunday School will be visiting and serving at the Upper Room in Charlottetown on Sunday, June 24, 2012 at 9:00am (tentative time).  Check back to confirm the time closer to the date and for more details on the menu.

Everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of age, and we hope many people will be able to share this time of faith and fellowship with us (the Sunday school) and those visiting the Upper Room on June 24.

Updated 2012 Sunday School Schedule

Join us for lots of fun, fellowship and faith formation!

April 22 – Celebrate Earth Day
April 29 – Creation Lesson
May 6 – Creation Lesson
May 13 – Creation Lesson
May 20 – Creation Lesson
May 27 – TBA
June  1-3 РSunday School at Camp Abby
June 3 – Sunday School Closing at Camp Abby


June 24 – Sunday School serving at the UpperRoom (9:00 am)

Hope to see you soon!

A Song of Faith Good Friday Service

The parlor was filled with all sorts of greenery, flowers and Easter symbols following the stripping of the sanctuary on Good Friday.  We exited the bare sanctuary in silence and were transported to a jungle in the parlor.  The Easter excitement was building!

Thank you to the Sunday school students who made the Good Friday service so meaningful.  The readings were clear, the songs were sung beautifully and the meaning of Good Friday slowly emerged as the decorations were removed from the sanctuary and we were left with the cross.

Thank you to all who shared Good Friday with us and raised your voices with ours as we remembered the story of Jesus’ death.

Always we remember, they buried Jesus’ body on Good Friday but Jesus is the light, the life and the dance never ending.

Good Friday Service – April 6, 2012 @ 6:00pm – CQUC

As a Sunday School, we have been hard at work planning and preparing for the Good Friday Service that will be held on April 6, 2010 at 6:00pm in the sanctuary at Central Queens United Church.

We hope many people plan to spend the evening with us in worship as we remember this special time in the Church year. ¬†A time of sadness but of great importance. ¬†A week that began with great Jubilee and ended with great sorrow and despair. ¬†Jesus Christ lived for us and Jesus Christ died for us. ¬†We remember Jesus life and death as we await Easter morning…

Sleepover Success!

Thank you to all the participants who attended the Sunday School sleepover, and all those brave souls who stayed the whole night!  It was fantastic.  I had so much fun!  My favourite parts were eating pizza and playing Gaga ball.  Please tell us about your favourite part in the comment section below!

Special thank you to all the teachers, parents and friends who helped out with organizing and facilitating the Sunday School sleepover, it could not have been a success without all of your hard work and dedication.

2012 Sunday School Schedule

List of dates:

March 4 – Easter Lesson
March 10-11 – Sunday School Sleepover
March 11 – Easter Lesson
March 18 – Good Friday Prep
March 25 – Good Friday Prep
April 1 – Good Friday Prep
April 6 – Good Friday Service (Time 6:00pm)
April 6 – Viewing “The Passion of the Christ” (Time 6:45pm)
April 8 – Easter Morning
April 15 – Veggietales Jonah Movie (Part 1)
April 22 – Veggietales Jonah Movie (Part 2)
April 29 – Creation Lesson
May 6 – Creation Lesson
May 13 – Creation Lesson
May 20 – Creation Lesson
May 27 – TBA
June  1-3 РSunday School at Camp Abby
June 3 – Sunday School Closing at Camp Abby

Hope to see you soon!